You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Hello Hum”

Hello Hum by Wintersleep

Although not from Toronto, I figured I’d start this segment by introducing a band that released one of my favourite  albums of 2012:  Wintersleep.  Bearing a sound that is balanced between heavy and airy, their music always manages to suit my taste whether I want something to amp me up or to calm me.  From Halifax, Nova Scotia, their sound is unique, layered and satisfying.  First becoming addicted after looping their 2007 album Welcome to the Night Sky, classics to check out would include (but are certainly not limited to) Laser Beams and Archaeologists.  This album is a good start particularly if you want something up beat with a good amount of edge and wit.

Having released five albums, their most recent Hello Hum is definitely a winner and as mentioned is a personal favourite.  The first track Hum sets the tone for the tunes to come, with striking vocals, pronounced drums and a resonating sound that urges you to continue listing.  As you progress through the songs, Nothing is Anything (Without You) provides a break from the heaviness and a breath of lightness as it proves to be a pleasantly uplifting track.  Permanent Sigh, my favourite song off the album, picks up the pace and is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days.  Slowing things down with Saving Song, it is easy to see just how varied Wintersleep can be with their music as the track takes on almost a lullaby-like feel.  Ending the album with Smoke, the song ties together all 11 tracks and leaves you feeling transported.

Feel like indulging in a little Canadian culture? Then you’ve GOT to hear this! And be sure to check out Wintersleep’s website where you can sample tracks from their new album as well as older ones.

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Nadia Kaakati

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