Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Jungle Doctors

Jungle DoctorsWhere do I even begin when writing about Jungle Doctors? Their music is pure and full of emotion. This indie five-piece from London have one of the freshest sounds I’ve heard. Their music is so bubbly and alive! From the soaring harmonies to the enthusiastic music and charming vocals, they really bag together tons of qualities I find irresistible. So with upcoming gigs on the rise and their newest single recently released, we spoke to the band about lyrics they love, secret obsessions and what’s next!

How would you describe Jungle Doctors’ sound in three words?

Jungle Doctors: Pretentious indie rock.

AMBY: Honestly not sure why, but I love the band’s name! How did it come to be?

Louis: My dad had a band when he was younger who were named ‘Jungle doctor spots a leopard’ after a popular children’s book series. We figured shortening it to ‘Jungle Doctors’ sounded better and with huge bands named things like bloody ‘Arctic Monkeys’ flying about we thought we’d give it a go – anyway it’s stuck now so not much we can do.

AMBY: Who inspires you as musicians?

Angus: Since I saw Foals last year at Latitude Festival I became a huge groupie, I came… to be hugely inspired by them so yeah…

Will: Most of my bass lines start off similar to those by Ed Nash from Bombay Bicycle Club so he’s pretty much my main inspiration – synth wise I try to get a sound similar to Swiss Lips. (the band, not the urban dictionary translation)

AMBY: Your latest single Better is an absolute stellar tune! What’s the story behind the track?

Sam: We started out trying to write a more upbeat dancy type song and slowly Better appeared; it has to be admitted that the synth was the producer’s idea though! Most of our songs are written by someone coming up with a nice little riff and then Louis comes in with some sort of loud shitty thing and somehow we end up with an alright sounding song.

AMBY: The lyrics in Boat Song are so admirable and dreamy. What’s a lyric you love?

David: We’ve had a few people ask us if Boat Song  is about sex… we honestly don’t know but it wasn’t written to be! The lyrics I write are often about past experience, past lovers I’ve enjoyed lustful months with – it’s certainly been a difficult year for me…

(Angus: oh god…).

David: …Anyway, one of my favourite lyrics is from Dog is Dead’s song Two Devils: ‘I took you to the hospital/but you didn’t seem to care’. This always spoke to me as I interpret it as how you can always try to be there for someone, but your efforts often go unappreciated.

AMBY: What’s your favourite Jungle Doctors track and why?

Louis: I’ve always enjoyed playing I Can’t Believe on stage cause the atmosphere it creates is insane and I get to hit things really hard at the end – it’s awesome.

Angus: I agree, the energy that song creates is mad, I love every chord.

Will: Inside is a good one for me, it may just because I get to play guitar in it but it has a really catchy riff and always gets the crowd going.

Sam: It’s gotta be Then Again or Better, the first song because it’s so dynamic and Better just because it’s our most energetic one yet…

David: You Don’t Know Me is my favourite as it has personal undertones for me; my ex-girlfriend and I never really connected spiritually and so I wrote this to vent my anger.

Which artists have you been listening to lately?

Jungle Doctors:
Our favourite artists lately have been: Swiss Lips, Alt-J, Theme Park, Swim Deep, Splashh

Louis: 2 Chainz, ASAP Rocky, Kanye West/G.O.O.D. Music CHief Keef

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012?

Jungle Doctors: My Number– Foals.

AMBY: What’s next for Jungle Doctors in the New Year?

Jungle Doctors: We have a gig at Bush Hall on January 11th which we are all super stoked for, apart from that we will just continue to write new material – hopefully you will see an EP or two in 2013! With any luck we will play a few festivals as well….

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Jungle Doctors that nobody knows yet?

Jungle Doctors: Louis has a not so secret obsession with Justin Bieber… and he’s proud.


Jungle Doctors have a gig tomorrow night at Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush along with The Carnabys and Dorey the Wise! So head down there if you can, I hear the show is going to be “massive”! Also check out the band’s amazing track Better which is now on iTunes and have a listen to my favourite Jungle Doctors track Boat Song below! And lastly, thank you very much Jungle Doctors, for giving me your answers!


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