Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Mutineers

MutineersBetween the admiration and love they show for their fans and their constant showing of amazing tracks, Mutineers are giving the Manchester music scene some great music. With the release of their debut album Friends, Lovers, Rivals  and the drive this band has, they are definitely one to keep an eye on this year. They’re melodic genies who fulfill thousands of fans’ wishes for great music! The band’s Michael Reed took the time to speak to AMBY about his first concert experience, Friends, Lovers, Rivals and pickled eggs!

AMBY: Hey Mutineers! What’s the group been up to lately?

MR: Hola! We’ve been working on a new double a-side single in lovely Staffordshire…..we’re looking forward to people hearing the new material which is a little punchier and perhaps heavier and more rhythmic than the 1st album material.

AMBY: For those unfamiliar with your group, how would you describe your music to others?

MR: It’s just good melodic, unpretentious music with lots of memorable hooks & riffs. The lyrics for the most part are quite storytelling, but there’s lots of imagery in there, just to confuse matters!

AMBY: Your debut album Friends, Lovers, Rivals is out now! How proud are you of the love and praise all your fans have given it?

MR: It’s been a real word of mouth thing and we’ve built our fan base that way and obviously as everybody can see we use the social networking side of things to really communicate with the audience….we haven’t had any real industry support or much in the way of radio play or commercial exposure, although XFM played our song “Hyde Road” recently which was a slight shock to us, but it’s really gratifying to know that we can fill venues due to the hard work that we’ve put in.

AMBY: What’s the best part about being in the Mutineers? What’s the worst?

MR: Just the music really and the friendship & camaraderie that comes with it. I guess in some ways a lot of the negative stuff that followed us around in the early days has sort of gone now…that initial struggle to find a fan base….or to put it more bluntly “playing to empty rooms”. I guess the only real frustration that still remains is that thing can take a long time to get finished because we’re an independent band doing most of it on our own, so there are still financial constraints facing us that most bands face in the music industry in the modern age.

AMBY: Who inspires you as musicians?

MR: Of course, we all have our favourite bands and records but as much as anything I think it’s just the things that face you in life in general are the real inspirations behind a lot of the songs…real life situations, growing up…relationships…small town frustrations and so on.

AMBY: What song would you love to cover?

MR: I’m not sure if we’re really the sort of band that would be into doing covers….although I’d quite like to do something a little left field, maybe an old wartime song…something by Vera Lynn….I don’t think it’d be prudent for us to cover one of the obvious sorts of bands…

AMBY: Blunt question time! Who would you like to punch in the head?

MR: I’d quite like to slap Mario Ballotelli…the worst sort of spoilt brat modern footballer around. Don’t be offended city fans ;)

AMBY: Who do you wish would just go away?

MR: I reckon there’s too many “older” bands and musicians just trapping their fame and standing in the music industry right now and not allowing some of the newer artists through. I enjoy “greatest hits” gigs as much as the next person, but when there’s actually no new product whatsoever it can start wearing a little thin after the 25th time around doing the same old songs. Eventually a lot of these bands become a tribute act to themselves.

AMBY: What was the first concert you attended and what was that experience like?

MR: I remember a Manic Street Preachers show in the 90’s when they were in their commercial prime…obviously it was a pretty good time for music back then so it was the perfect time to be in my teens and taking an interest.

AMBY: It’s evident that The Mutineers are extremely appreciative of their fans! So is there anything you’d like to say to them?

MR: I don’t think we’d be able to even exist really without the fan base that has been supporting us this past year or 2 so in a sense we owe them everything…but then in other ways we don’t owe them anything because when you’re making music you have to be very selfish and do what inspires you…or else in turn it won’t inspire anybody else. Obviously it’s an amazing feeling to be playing shows and having the words sung back at you, but it’s not the reason we really do it – it’s because we’d go mad if we didn’t have that vehicle to create and express ourselves and I think the fan base can see that we really do *mean it man* which is why they’ll stick with us for the long haul.

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012?

MR: That’d be Tell Me Why by Mutineers.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about The Mutineers that nobody knows yet?

MR: At least 1 member of the band consumes Pickled eggs on a daily basis.


Haven’t heard Friends, Lovers, Rivals yet? Then take a listen to their track Infidelity off the album below, and if you like (which you will!), then it can be purchased here. Also if you’re unfamiliar with Mutineers, then Let Me Introduce You to them! And lastly, thank you Michael, for giving me your answers!


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