You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Bloodshake”

PEACE BloodshakeBloodshake by PEACE

Summer is without a shadow of a doubt, the best season of the year. I don’t mean to sound like a cheesy teenager from a Los Angeles based film revolving around the lives of four best friends in high school but it’s the truth. Although it’s expected to snow tomorrow here in London, I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Australia during Christmastime! And as it was boiling over there, I revisited some of the tunes I was into during the summertime.

Tropical, bouncy, fun, and exploding with colour, Bloodshake makes you feel propelled and relaxed all at one. The guitars are lively, and will definitely get you moving, with lead singer Harrison Koisser’s lyrics having you sing along, but it also serves as the perfect tune to chill out by the pool with.

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