Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Cold Fields

Cold FieldsI have honestly become a Cold Fields addict. Their track Never Get Back lured me in immediately with its sweet yet melancholy lyrics. The sound of the track’s drums disguises itself for they almost resemble the sound of a clock, and you never want that clock to stop ticking. And the instrumental section of the song is a real treat as the memorable guitar riff glides into the song’s last, strong chorus. All of Cold Fields’ music has this same contagious affect as Never Get Back. So we spoke to this lovely band to see what they have to say about their debut EP Hands Like These, lyrics and music videos!

AMBY: Who are Cold Fields? Introduce yourselves.

Cold Fields: Chris Newey – Vocals/Guitar, Stuart Lidgbird – Guitar, Vocals, Jon Perks – Bass, Nick Wynne Drums.

AMBY: How would you describe Cold Fields sound to those unfamiliar to your music?

Cold Fields: Haunting, melancholic, experimental indie rock.

AMBY: What’s the story behind the band’s name?

Cold Fields: We wanted to have a name that’s personal to us rather than throw a few random words together. We all grew up in a town north of Birmingham called Sutton Coldfield…hence the name.

AMBY: I’m loving your debut  EP Hands Like These, what’s your favorite track off it and why?

Cold Fields: We’re glad you like our Hands Like These EP.  Hopefully you’ll love the new material we’re working on right now.  We all agree that Never Get Back is the strongest off the EP which is why we made it our first music video.  It’s the first song we wrote that we all felt had something special about it.

AMBY: Never Get Back music video is really intriguing with all the different angels and close ups. how did you come up with the concept?

Cold Fields: We didn’t have a concept in mind but a close friend of the band (Slimjim Woods) wanted to make a video for us and thought the best way to go about it was to get as much footage of us as possible and see what happened.

AMBY: Which Cold Fields lyric is your favorite?

Chris: I find it very hard to pick a particular lyric but all of the lyrics for Never Get Back are up there. There’s a few of the newer tunes where Stu has wrote the lyrics and I’d say that those are probably my favorite to perform live.

Nick: I’m the drummer.  I don’t listen any of the words.

Jon: I’m the bassist. I listen to the drummer.

Stu: The Lyrics from our forthcoming single, Egg Shells. It’s about me been a prick in our old band. Honestly.

AMBY: Which 3 albums changed your life?

Cold Fields: Seeing as there’s 4 of us in the band we’ll choose one each:

Chris: The National, High Violet – I like sad music that at the same time has something uplifting about it. For me that’s a perfect album.

Stu: Damien Rice, O – I was age 12 and on holiday when I brought it.  It inspired me to write music.

Jon: The Smiths, The Queen is Dead – Before I heard this album I hadn’t listened to anything like it before and it opened my eyes to a completely different sound that I think inspired me as a musician.

Nick: John Coltrane Quartet, A Love Supreme – It’s different to anything I’d heard with a spiritual jazz improvised sound.  This inspired me to play differently from a drumming perspective.

AMBY: What part of the world would you like to play most?

Cold Fields: Anywhere really, Europe and America would be cool but at the moment we’re concentrating on establishing ourselves on home turf.

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012?

Chris: I really don’t know.  I haven’t been paying much attention to new music this year other than our own.  Although, a couple of Birmingham bands I’ve been following have put out some decent stuff. Payday by T H I E V E S and Surround You by JAWS have probably been my favorite of late.

Stu: Cold Fields, Never Get Back

Jon:  Anything from The Maccabees, Given to the Wild or KOAN Sound, Funk Blaster.

Nick: Affairs of the Heart by Damian Marley.

AMBY: Is there something about Cold Fields that no one else knows?

Cold Fields: We’re expecting a baby…


Want new music that will send shivers down your spine? Then listen to Cold Fields’ debut  EP Hands Like These which you can hear and purchase here! You can get a taste for it below by listening to Never Get Back. And lastly, thank you very much Cold Fields, for giving me your answers!


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