Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Katie Sutherland

KSKatie Sutherland has a lot going on these days. Having recently released her debut album Canvas, finally people will get a chance to listen to her beautiful lyrics and delicate songwriting. Katie took the time to speak to AMBY about her plans for 2013, small earholes and more.

AMBY: For those who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing you, how would you describe your music?

KS: I’d say it’s folk pop that’s melody driven with honest lyrics.

AMBY: You have recently released your debut album Canvas. What are the must hear tracks on the record?

KS: At the moment the download of the album is only available to those who pre-ordered via pledgemusic. The physical release will be announced very soon! My opinion changes pretty much every day, though Canvas, I Say Yeah and Toughen Up seem to be among the favourites.

AMBY: Are there any plans to tour yet?

KS: 2013 holds a lot of touring! Will be announcing dates as soon as we have the official album release date.

AMBY: I love the song Because I Do, what is the story behind it?

KS: I’m glad you do! It was one of the first songs I had ever written. It’s about a boy I really liked. Whenever we met I was very nervous….and so was he. The song is about liking someone for who they are. That boy is now my fiancé…

AMBY: Which three albums changed your life?

KS: Alanis Morissette- Jagged Little Pill

Damien Rice- Cannonball

Regina Spektor- Soviet Kitsch

AMBY: Which artists inspire you as a songwriter?

KS: Bon Iver and Feist are definitely up there they show that lyrics are just as important as melody.

AMBY: What’s been on your iPod as of late?

KS: Lianne La Havas, The Shins, and some swing believe it or not!

AMBY: How did you become involved with PledgeMusic?

KS: I was in a sticky situation whereby I had an almost complete album yet I didn’t own the rights. I had heard of pledge music before and they got in touch suggesting I re-record the album and do it my own way via PledgeMusic. It’s been a long road but glad I was able to do it the way I wanted to!

AMBY: Describe your dream gig and who would be on the bill with you.

KS: The dream gig would have to be Jools Holland. Sharing a bill with anyone I’ve mentioned above would be pretty sweet!

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012 so far?

KS: Hmmmm….. I really like Lianne La Havas ft Willy Mason No Room For Doubt.

AMBY: Lastly, tell me something about you that nobody knows yet.

KS: I have extremely small earholes. No earphones fit me :(


Be sure to listen to Katie’s track Toughen Up below! And of course, we’d like to thank you Katie, for giving us your answers!

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