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Ancient TimesWhether it’s Ancient Times’ thoughtful vocals, distorted guitar or new wave atmosphere, their music will completely absorb you. Their essence is fresh and when their music comes on, I know the next few minutes are going to be nice. With lyrics as, “I’d like to think I’d help you if you asked, I’d like to think you’d help me to get us what we don’t have” (from track Nightschool), this group is extremely admirable. So we spoke to the band’s frontman George Smale in Ancient Times’ first ever interview, to see what 2013 has in store for the new band!

AMBY: How would you describe your sound to others?

AT: I always find it’s a really hard thing to define the project’s sound. Someone I met the other day described it as history rock which I quite like. Time-travelling, mythical shoegaze I guess.

AMBY: Your track Rani is near the top of my Most Played playlist! Lovely song. What’s the story behind it?

AT: Thank you very much! Rani is a word in Hindi which basically means queen. The song is about growing old with someone, whether after a lifetime together they still are that figure of a queen in another’s eyes.

AMBY: I hear a ton of nuances in your music, especially with how Smiths-esque it is. Which bands would you say are the most influential to you?

AT: The Smiths are a great band that played a really important part in my life around the time this project was taking form so they were bound to have a huge effect on the tracks I was writing at the time. Similarly bands such as R.E.M, Mumm-Ra and Fleetwood Mac have all been especially influential to the project because of the importance they’ve all had in different times of my life. I have a track called ‘Everything Ends’ which was originally was my attempt to write my own Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Second Hand News’. I don’t think it sounds much like it now though.

AMBY: You’ve shown some amazing demos on your SoundCloud, is there an EP in the works?

AT: Not an EP no. An EP would be really fun to do and I do really hope there is an Ancient Times EP in the future. Currently there is something different in the works for the very near future but not sure I am allowed to say just yet.

AMBY: If you could create a law that everyone would have to follow, what would it be?

AT: Honestly as rock and roll as it is; litter really bugs me. However I am not sure something like pictures of my face on bins would help the situation very much.

AMBY: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

AT: I have been listening to a lot of Wild Beasts lately. I saw them headline Beacons Festival last year and they were amazing. I have only just recently got a copy of Limbo, Panto and that is a really brilliant record. Their drummer is so good! Amazing drum fills that you think must just be computer loops he actually plays so well you wouldn’t know it was live! Otherwise I have been listening to that new Tame Impala record quite a bit which is really interesting, as well as The Young Knives first record.

AMBY: Who do you wish would just go away?

AT: The Twang. Don’t get me wrong they have some great songs, (‘Either Way’ is real brilliance!) but I wish they had decided to call it a day on an earlier note. Sorry Twang! I am sure they are lovely guys!

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012?

AT: That’s very difficult. 2012 has been amazing musically. A band called Peace have made a massive stamp on 2012. When I first heard a track of theirs called Follow Baby I remember thinking; “Wow! This changes everything!”

AMBY: What’s next for Ancient Times?

AT: This year I’ll be playing Ancient Times’ first ever live shows which will be really exciting. I have a few shows lined up but hopefully 2013 will be a year of playing lots of shows in lots of different places to lots of different people. Also Ancient Times first proper release is going to be announced pretty soon as well which I am very excited for!

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Ancient Times that nobody knows yet?

AT: We have recently been offered a show in Munich but not entirely sure what will happen on that. I’ll let you know!


Ancient Times’ song Rani is one I absolutely love. So if you’ve yet to hear this band, you can have a listen to it below. And lastly, thank you Ancient Times, for giving me your answers!

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