Mega-Huge Playlist: Part Two


Remember this from Monday?

“If you’d like to be featured on  for the first time or again, please RT/Like this! X”

Well, there were so many brilliant bands who shared this status around, we just had to create this mega-epic-huge playlist to celebrate all the great music out there. The playlist was so huge that I had to create two posts, so here is part two! For part one, click here. And remember, we will also continue to feature artists within other segments on AMBY. Enjoy! x

Millar Jukes- Annabel
Euphymis- Nothing To Confess
Arron Hughes- Behind the Wheels
The Bluebottle Veins- Want Me To Do
IKESTRA- Sprinter
Mates- Impressions
Perry Manning- My Arrogant Ignorant Side
The Difference- Shadows
Drew Townsend- Just One More Night
Wilfy Williams- A&E
We Came From The Sea- Lower Your Voice And Raise Your Fists
Faster The Chase- I’m Listening
Barricades Rise- Aftermath

Alicia Atout

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