Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ China Rats

China RatsChina Rats are a top band with a cutting-edge sound. The track this Leeds’ quartet first used to catch our attention is their superb song (At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed; a hooking, melodic and lyrically clever track which lets you know exactly what this band is about. China Rats took the time to speak with AMBY between gigging and kicking off a “mad 2013”! So we took this great opportunity to ask China Rats about sweaty t-shirts, musical tastes and more!

AMBY: For those who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing you, how would you describe China Rats’ music?

China Rats: It’s rapid and loud; imagine the sound of your T-shirt getting really sweaty in about 30 seconds.

AMBY: Which artists inspire you as songwriters and musicians?

China Rats: We got deep with The Cramps and the B52’s we wanted everything to be raucous and over in a couple of minutes. We’ve all got different tastes though some Buddy Holly some Beatles, some Ramones and the poetry of Leonard Cohen.

AMBY: What is the craziest thing to happen at one of your live shows?

China Rats: We headlined Benicassim once by accident that was pretty nuts! We also did this show in Hamburg where the promoter handed us about 80 drinks tokens as we came off stage. We felt like kings getting everyone’s drink for free we only just about made it back to our hotel. Europe’s wild man!

AMBY: (At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed is a killer song, what is the story behind it?

China Rats: Luke and me were living in a part of Leeds called Armley at the time. It’s a special place filled with cash converters and greasy spoons, everything is shrouded in a wash of concrete. We wrote it for the kids who wander the streets night and day having fun amongst the Armley shadows.

AMBY: Which three albums changed your life?

China Rats: Red Hot Chili Peppers- By The Way, The Beatles- Revolver, Leonard Cohen- Death of a Ladies Man

AMBY: What has the band got planned for early 2013?

China Rats: We’ve got shows in Groningen and Paris and we’re off to SXSW in March we can’t fucking wait. We’ve got a lot of material together now as well so we’re going to get moving with the album soon. We want to put a lot out next year.

AMBY: What’s been on your iPod as of late?

China Rats: Tame Impala, Peace, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Hooded Fang. All these are awesome, I just got the Melody’s Echo Chamber record it’s awesome.

AMBY: If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would you choose?

China Rats: Dee Dee Ramone, Donna Reed, Tommy Cooper, a real mixed bag!

AMBY: Describe your dream gig and who would be on the bill with you.

China Rats: The original Cavern Club, with Dirty Mac and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012 so far?

China Rats: Peace- California Daze

AMBY: Lastly, tell me something about China Rats that nobody knows yet.

China Rats: Luke can’t go a week without watching Coronation Street. He’s got the best Audrey impression I’ve ever heard.


(At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed is a fantastic song which you can hear below! And thank you very much China Rats, for giving me your answers!

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