Monday, January 28th, 2013: Listen Up!

SOSBHappy Monday everyone! Here’s a new playlist featuring many bands we’ve recently been introduced to. Now it’s time to pass along these fantastic tunes to all of our AMBY readers. So here you go- listen up, tune in and enjoy!

“Rip the house plants up, break the china,  give you all my love, say goodbye.  And on Saturday I’ll make my way, to someone’s house whose name I can’t pronounce.”Mayfly by Sounds of System Breakdown

Sounds of System Breakdown- Mayfly
Johnny And The Giros- I Don’t Need A Lover
The DifferenceSoul Shaker
Garda- If Tomorrow Comes
Once Too Much- Out Your Mind
Furrow- Home
Jump the Shark- So Far Away
Kingdom of Glass- Burn
Violet Class- Biscuitmen
The Smiles- Sail On

Alicia Atout

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