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Memory MotelHello we’re Memory Motel,

We come from Reno, Nevada. We consist of Lead singer, Chris Gibson, backed by the rhythm section of Brothers Ben and Sam Ashlock. We’ve been together since 2010, But we’re still really young. Ben, our drummer is only 17, and Chris and Sam are 20 and 21 respectively. We enjoy making interesting experimental music, but packaging it in a traditional, 4 minute pop song format. We pride ourselves on being both experimental and accessible and we hope we’ve achieved that! 2012 saw the first official release of any of our material (we take our time and self produce our music, which can get take a long time to get right), a 7 inch on multicolored splatter-vinyl with the songs Wasted Days and Lost Souls.

2013 should hopefully bring about the release of our debut full length. We have been working diligently and in the meantime, we’ve opened up our own recording studio to record our own works, and for collaborations.


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