You’ve GOT to Hear This: “The Mohawk Lodge”

While digging for some new music to ease the damp, cold rain that clouded outside but also my head, I stumbled upon Mohawk Lodge.  Originally based in Toronto, Ontario but touring and producing all over Europe, their musical influence is as diverse as their shifting environment. Instantly drawn to the woodsy name, I expected the music to be raw and rustic. Upon listening to their 2012 release Damaged Goods, I was not disappointed to find it satisfied my expectations, but I was also left surprised at how it exceeded them.

Although rustic, Mohawk Lodge’s music is bold, tight, and ferocious.  Given that I wanted something with a little edge, I was pleased at the classic rock vibe which permeated through the album, but also with the modern edge it possessed.  As If taking you through a story, the album is musically pleasing and lyrically interesting.  A personal favourite that distracts me from the gloomy days of winter and is sure to cut through the grey is Light you Up, off Damaged Goods.  Looking for a bit of light? Then you’ve GOT to Hear This.

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Nadia Kaakati

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