Getting Cozy With… The Peregrines!

The PeregrinesHey!

We are The Peregrines, made up of Amol Prabhu, Saad Shaikh, Ismail Jan and Ankit Sinha. We’re a London based rock’n’roll band and we’re all about having a good time! Our début EP (Rifle To A Bird) was released in early 2013, and we’re currently working on a full length album. We’ve played quite a few live shows and play the London circuit regularly!

Amol- “I bring those sweet floaty guitar vibes and sing(scream) and jump around on stage!”

Saad- “I give that classic rock crunch tone to the band, it’s all about the distortion on my Les Paul”

Ismail- “I stand around singing and playing bass and looking pretty!”

Ankit- “I’m the level headed drummer and keep the others in line and in time”

The Peregrines x


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