You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Leather Jacket Love Song”

The CribsLeather Jacket Love Song by The Cribs

Is there a better way to bring in the new year than with a cracking new song from one of the finest bands ever? Well, new might be the wrong word. It was the last song recorded as part of the Wakefield trio’s sessions with Johnny Marr for their LP entitled Ignore The Ignorant. But after playing it live more than a couple times, finally, the long sought after studio version has been released.

Sadly, the end of The Cribs is looming. They’ve stated that they will be probably taking a break for a while and perhaps do separate projects (Ryan’s Exclamation Pony sounds pretty damn cool doesn’t it?) but I’m hoping this isn’t the end of The Cribs!

Leather Jacket Love Song is what these guys do best. The lyrics are profoundly honest, Ryan Jarman’s vocals are propulsive as ever and the guitar hooks will be sure to make you click repeat.

For an interview with The Cribs, click here.


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