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Miles Kane 2Miles Kane Central Station 04/02/13

I certainly won first prize in the competition when I bagged two tickets to watch Miles Kane play Wrexham’s intimate 550 capacity venue Central Station. Ever since announcing he would play two warm up shows before heading out on the latest NME Awards tour I’d been counting down the days to this one.

Kicking off the night’s entertainment were new wave rock and roll four piece Cold Committee proving exactly why it’s always worth getting down early enough to check out the supports. Despite only gigging together for little more than six months they’re already thrashing out an impressive live set. From the off their sound is edgy and raw exactly what rock and roll should sound like, they hook you in with their first song and leaving you wanting more with the next. It’s little wonder these lads are quickly making a name for themselves they’re clearly an ambitious bunch with the talent to back it up, but don’t just take my word for it check them out for yourselves.

In the short time Miles Kane has been flying solo he’s certainly crafted his showmanship proving he’s every bit the rock star the video for latest  offering Give Up portrays him to be. Opening with tracks Give Up, Kingcrawler and First of my Kind he certainly got his set off to an explosive start. A jam packed fifteen song set Miles Kane treated the energetic crowd to songs old and new. Whilst new track Gonna Get It, co-written with the legendary Paul Weller, may have temporarily slowed down the pace, giving Kane and the crowd a much deserved breather, he quickly picked it back up with favourite Quicksand and once again it’s all hands on deck or rather in the air and feet on the dance floor.

Whilst Miles Kane may have treated the crowd to a number of new tracks you’d be forgiven for mistaking them all as old favourites such was the intensity of the crowd’s participation in this set. The catchy chorus of Don’t Forget Who You Are, dedicated to The Lightning Seeds and producer of Give Up Ian Broudie, is already on first listen a guaranteed winner. As if things weren’t already hot and sweaty enough Inhaler is next on the bill and the bustling crowd down the front erupt in to mosh pits galore. Kane momentarily departs the stage cue raucous chants and mass feet stomping only to quickly return for set closer and crowd pleaser Come Closer and the crowd go off one last time.

I’m lucky enough to have watched Miles Kane on more than one occasion each performance better than the last and this gig firmly cemented this tradition. With such excitement already surrounding his soon to be released follow up to Colour Of The Trap this gig left me with only one question. Where and when can I catch Miles Kane again? As just one date is never enough.

Fi Carroll

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