The Antics Files: Chris

If You Want It (Come Get It) w/ The Antics


Do you like music?
Loads, although the lads will tell you that lots of iconic music has passed me by. I discovered Manic Street Preachers and The Smiths last year. Ha ha.

Biggest douchebag alive?
Do you guys know who Joey Barton is? If not then I apologise for potentially letting him into your life. Try and avoid googling him, it’s for the best.

Favourite icon?
In all honesty, Aryton Senna.

Who’s the best band in the world?
Hmmm…fucking impossible this ain’t it. Sort of says something about me personally if I answer it honestly. If the question was best band ever, then I think the Beatles will take that crown very closely followed by The Who. In the world suggests ‘right now’, and I that sense I’d have to say Primal Scream or perhaps Justice. If The Streets or Whitest Boy Alive were still making records they’d be right up there too. I also love Horrors….ah hang on, Foals are the best band in the world right now. There, Foals. Done

(Maccabees?!?, maybe Maccabees?) ha ha

Actually it’s Interpol.

Fave Antics song?
Party’s Over or Higher. In fact I like most of them. We bin anything we’re not into and because we record as we write, songs don’t get very far if we’re not feeling it. So, if we finish songs we tend to like them.

Which city would you love to play that you’ve yet to?
I wonder what the others said. We’ve all got itchy feet and would love to play outside of the UK. I love the idea of playing Japan, so maybe Tokyo. I also fell in love with Paris and New York last year. hmmmmm. Tough one. Toronto….so you guys could come see us.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I drink a lot but I’m not very good at it. It turns me into a knobhead, well…more of a knobhead.

Which drink is your favourite?

Biggest lie you’ve ever told?
I once got a friend to fake an ID and use it to sit a college exam for me as I had no chance of passing the exam. Thing is he did it too well and I got an A. My English tutor knew something was up but couldn’t prove anything as she wasn’t at the exam.

Has a song ever made you cry? If yes, which one?!
Yes but I’m not telling.

Biggest mancrush?
Lionel Messi. No oil painting but I’m in awe of his genius.

Biggest turn-on?
Intelligent Independent Women that could run rings round me.

Out of control drunk women that couldn’t run a tap.


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