You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Black Heart/Filth”

The Dirty RiversBlack Heart/Filth by The Dirty Rivers

The Dirty Rivers are a young band putting there distinctive spin on guitar music. The quintet hailing from Liverpool are set to release their first single, the glorious Black Heart/Filth. Singer Michael Ellis’ voice saunters over the sweeping guitars and the floating bass and drum section. The song takes flight with it’s unexpected time changes and haunting vocal melody. Laced with plenty of hook laden guitar riffs and more grooves than a truck tire, Black Heart/Filth provides the “dirty” part of the bands moniker. At a quick 5:48, it has the feel of a mini opus. This is a great offering from a promising new act. The single will be released on vinyl by the Deltasonic singles club in February.

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Yaz Atout

One thought on “You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Black Heart/Filth”

  1. Epic quality. Get on a plane and see these guys. They’re fanfookintastic live.. an incarnation of the devil’s creation, pure rock and roll injected with napalm

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