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Banner NMEThe NME awards tour has most definitely done it again. The tour that has brought us The Vaccines, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Florence and the Machine rocked the 02 Academy this year with new Indie bands Peace and Palma Violets, the Mod-son Miles Kane and electric art students Django Django.

The evening started with Peace, brothers Sam and Harrison Koisser rocking the room with their floaty guitar sound. They opened with two songs off their new album, powered into Wraith, then we heard the beautiful intro to California Daze. The crowd loved it, sung at the top of their voices to every word. Peace reminded us why they’re one of 2013’s most exciting bands and they most definitely made their home town Birmingham proud.

1Palma Violets were next, and they introduced themselves by having Chilli Jesson come out and scream at the crowd. Their shambolic, loud guitars filled the room with songs from their new album, and it says something in that the crowd went wild for each one, despite knowing a single word to the songs! We heard Best Friends and they had the audience screaming each word back at them. Step up for the cool cats and Last of the Summer Wine got the exact same reaction, and they finished with two more songs off the new album that I can’t wait to hear. Guitarist Chilli made the performance very special however. He screamed and jumped all throughout the songs, and spent a good 5 minuets dancing around the stage doing pelvic thrusts. He left his band mates to finish their last song, Fourteen, whilst he threw himself into the crowd. As he jumped into a bunch of sweaty, pumped up teenagers all I could see was the scene in Shaun of the Dead where David jumps out of the window and is ripped to shreds by mindless zombies. Chilli’s shirt was ripped off him and he was pulled down into the crowd so he was dancing to his own band’s music with the audience. I think it’s fair to say, he stole the show.

3The crowd around us completely changed to welcome Miles Kane. Whilst I was surprised to see Miles Kane on this NME Awards Tour, as he was already very well established. The front of the room filled up with Lads who, as I could gather, could hardly wait to see Miles Kane. After multiple rounds of ‘We are the Mods’ from the audience he came to the stage. Each song got the audience more and more excited, and Miles played off this. He played two new songs, both brilliant, and I can’t wait to see what else he will be coming out with in the future. He ended with Rearange and the room went mental for Mile’s most famous song.

Unfortunately, Django Django weren’t, in our opinion, up to scratch. After Miles, many people left to go and grab a drink from the bar. Despite not being a huge Django fan, I stayed in my place at the front on the idea that Django’s music would be good played live. However, after listening to one or two of their repetitive songs we retreated to the back of the room to let bigger Django fans take our place. It may have been our lack of interest for the band, but they didn’t live up to the headline slot of the NME awards tour.

As for concert as a whole, it was as if Miles took the headline slot, as he most definitely got the crowd going the best. Peace made a brilliant introduction, but the prize goes to Palma Violets for filling the room with excitement and loud, rowdy music, and they made it for me.



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Maisy Farren / @MaisyFarren

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  1. I was at the O2 last night, and I definitely agree Palma Violets stole the show. I can’t get over how good they are live, I think they’re my new second favourite band haha x

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