Favourite Fab Gigs: TRANSFER

TRANSFERAfter AMBY’s interview with TRANSFER, we just had to do something else with this talented group. Having such a loyal fanbase, AMBY wanted to bring fans into the live world of TRANSFER. So we spoke with the band’s Andy Ridley to find out what his favourite fab gigs are!


Eskulap in Poznan, Poland- w/ White Lies and Crocodiles

We had never been to Poznan before and ended up having a terrible soundcheck with amps blowing up and equipment issues.  The venue was cool enough to hold doors until we got up and running and finally let everyone in. We only had a short time between soundcheck and playing and It only took about 15 mins until the whole place was at capacity. From our first song to the last, the crowd were going crazy, acting as if we were the headliner.  It just felt like they had an amazing sense of appreciation for the bands coming through town and wanted to enjoy every minute of the show start to finish…..still one of our favorite places to play.

Koko in London- Club NME Night

Koko is one of those amazing historical venue’s that London seems to be full of.  The 3 tiered balconies made for a maze-like backstage.  Spinal Tap corridors. The first time playing for the NME club night which we knew nothing about…turns out its generally just a pretty big party scene in Camden and people mostly head there for DJ’s and live music on this specific night. We ended up playing at about midnight and didn’t really know what to expect. When the huge curtain in front of the stage pulled back there were over a thousand very inebriated people just ready to hear live music and party…the sound on stage is incredible and the crowd being so receptive made for another memorable show.

Casbah, San Diego

Still one of our favorite places to play. Small, dark, gritty club and a hometown favorite. We have had many amazing shows here. Most recently, we closed out 2012 with another.  We played an extended set that was full of new and old songs and a couple cover tunes for fun.  It’s nice getting play a wider selection of material and seeing so many people that have been supportive of the band for so long super energized.  It made for a great way to finish our 2012 in San Diego. We will always have a soft spot for the Casbah.

We also recently brought it back to the roots by playing a private basement party in Chico, CA……… not something we normally do, but figuring that we had a day off from tour and hey, it’s Matt’s birthday, AND it’s Halloween time… lets get dressed up like idiots, drink a lot and play Sabbath, Zeppelin and other random tracks that we can forget how they go and just have a good time. See how many people can fit into a shop basement and just have a good time…


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