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HippyHi there….

My name is Steve Keenlyside and I stay in London. Originally from the Shetland Islands; it was a great place for me growing up creatively as Music(mostly folk) and Art in particular; courses through the veins of every walk of life up there. I have been in a couple of different bands since I left the islands, the last one being Elmore which did pretty well. We managed to get a song on XFM, Northsound FM as well as winning an International songwriting prize. However,the band split up a couple of years ago and that’s when I started The Boondock Hippy.

Moniker Definition:

Boondock=a remote area (i. e Shetland Islands)

Hippy=Because I am a modern day one ;)

I have a little digital four track recorder that I have set up in my bedroom with an electric piano and a few other instruments. This is where I do pretty much all of my recording. I recorded some songs for fun to begin with, then the old bassist from Elmore, Andy Mcsweeney was interested in helping me with the Boondock project. Abhs Joshi, the percussionist from Elmore then expressed his desire to get involved too. It was at this point that I realised the project maybe had some leverage. Rex Pearson; a top guitar session player then joined and Dan Szymczak on drums. We also have a trumpet & trombone player who play with us quite a lot. The band are all based in London.

Together, we have recorded 2x albums & an EP in total, both have which, have been received really well. “Life in the Slow Lane” was the first offering and the 2nd, “Dylan’s Gold” was based on a film synopsis I’ve written by the same name. The EP;Chasing the Winter was inspired by a UK sufing film called The Endless Winter.

The Boondock Hippy was also nominated for 3x awards at the Download Music Awards this year- Best acoustic Act, Best newcomer and best website. Unfortunately we didn’t win an award but it was just great to be nominated. That pretty much brings the story us up to date…with a hopefully great 2013 lying ahead……….

Yours peacefully,

The Boondock Hippy :)


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