The Antics Files: Matti

If You Want It (Come Get It) w/ The Antics


Do you like music?

I live for music.

Biggest douchebag alive?

The bloke who wears the ridiculous hats and clothes who presents the horse racing. He was also in celebrity Big Brother. He’s a proper tool.

Favourite icon?

It’s so gotta be Noel Gallagher. The geeza is an absolute legend and I wouldn’t be in a band if it wasn’t for him.

Who’s the best band in the world?

Kasabian! Ha! Fuck you Sean.

Fave Antics song?

I’d have to say Higher as it’s got a real Rolling Stones vibe going on plus it’s such an easy sing along so when we play it live it’s great to watch the fans sing along.

Which city would you love to play that you’ve yet to?

I love to play anywhere but I’ll say Manchester as we have only played there once and I’m really looking forward to going back there. Plus it’s where all the greatest bands have come from.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Simply Red is definitely one but everyone rips the shit out of me for listening to Queen which I don’t understand? Queen knew how to write a fuckin song and Freddie had one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard so Queen haters go fuck yourselves!

Which drink is your favourite?

Volvic lemon “juiced” because it is just soooo delicious and lemony.

Biggest lie you’ve ever told?

That I can play drums. I hate drums!

Has a song ever made you cry? If Yes, which one?!

Angie by the Rolling Stones and Slide Away by Oasis have brought many a tear to my eyes.

Biggest mancrush?

Jack Bauer enough said. God damn it!

Biggest turn-on?

Playing drums obviously and taking to the stage with the band to perform our set of soon to be classic hits.


Sounds harsh but I’m really not a fan of watching old people eat. They just seem to get it everywhere and then they pull the secret hanky from the sleeve to wipe the juices from the sides of their mouths and it just makes me feel sick. I do know I will be in the same boat one day and people will hate to watch me eat so that will be when eating out will become a thing of the past for me and I shall only dine at home in private.


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