Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Renounds

The RenoundsVince, Jay, James, Gaz and Dan of The Renounds know what they’re doing when it comes to writing hooking music. The group hailing from Surrey, England are pairing ridiculous rock n’ roll riffs with catchy vocals to create an enticing and melodic sound for themselves. All that’s really left to say is hey, hey! c’mon and read this new, exclusive interview with The Renounds!

AMBY: How did The Renounds come to be?

The Renounds: We are a collection of friends, myself Jay the other guitarist J and the bassist Gaz have know each other for years and always knocked around with music over the years in various forms shapes and forms but nothing concrete ..we by chance happened to meet out drummer (Dan )through a mutual friend and he was good friends with our signer Vince and well it kind of finally all fell into place and the band was born!

AMBY: Where did the name The Renounds come from?

The Renounds: Funnily enough it was the same mutual friend who came up with the name! I would love to say there is story behind the odd spelling “ Quentin Tarantino Inglorious Basterds style” Sadly it’s a just a spelling mistake but we though it looked cool! It’s so difficult to come up with something these days! Almost all the good ones are taken! Also if you Google it, we are the only one that comes up! We are unique!

AMBY: Take What You Have and To Begin Again are such good songs. Is there an EP in the works?

The Renounds: Well thank you very much! Glad you approve –Yes we are in the process of getting into the studio to record an EP & some more demos and  get it out later this year, watch this space!

AMBY: Speaking of Take What You Have, the melody of “come on, come on” has been stuck in my head! Which song has had that effect on you?

The Renounds: To get a song stuck in my head, personally it’s just general “sound” like the way a guitar chimes or growls get into my head. The way a bass drives or a drum thunders their way into your very existence is very powerful, if that makes sense? Usually it’s the hooks that get you To give examples I suppose at the moment it would be “Paper Back Writer” “Elizabeth my dear” and “Mersey Paradise”. The whole of Definitley Maybe is also pretty much part of our fibre. However Gimmi Shelter by the Rolling Stones is a song that never fails to get the haiors of the back of my neck standing up from that first guitar note.

AMBY: You’ve listed some of your influences as the Stone Roses, Oasis and Kasabian. So if you were to have dinner with any three influences, who would you choose and why?

The Renounds: Ooh that’s a toughie- To be honest, Neil Young has to be there they guy “IS” Rock n’ Roll! I mean he has defined generations and inspired so many song writers! I would say also say John Lennon as well the guy was one of the best songwriters this country has ever produced and well without him & The Beatles who knows where we would be  musically now! Would there have been  the genre Heavy Metal without Helter Skelter? Anyway so that’s two (I’m selfishly going to monopolise this questions here)  also I’d say Noel Gallagher too, for the fact that the man can keep knocking out melodic tunes and anthemic choruses 20 years on and with the same chords, some say It’s lazy and don’t rate him but look at the back catalogue and the B sides there is some real gold there! Plus it wouldn’t be a boring night would it? I doubt there would be much dinner being eaten and a lot of alcohol flowing!

AMBY: Who are the last few artists you listened to?

The Renounds: Obviously The Stone Roses, The Who & Oasis. A staple for any week really. On a different note, a band called Fern Hill are played a lot at home. Roddy Woomble’s first album is getting another well deserved airing at the moment. All very “folky”. Might be because its January and am longing for the sublime! I have started getting really into the Gaslight Anthem too quality band don’t know how they have gone under my radar until recently! I have actually being listening The Doves – The Places Between, great, great band and finally Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Behind The Music has been on my stereo a lot! A truly inspiring album!

AMBY: What part of the world would you like to play most?

The Renounds: North America would be great. The U.S. and Canada have an amazing diversity of cultures across both countries with there own Rock heritage.  South America they are like no other crowd! I have watched Videos of gigs and they sign the guitar parts! You don’t see that anywhere else! That would be a real experience for all the boys.

AMBY: Who do you wish would just go away?

The Renounds: If  in regard to a Music and TV/Film or “celebrity” context. You can make anyone you want “go away” to a certain extent. Just don’t bother listening to or watching to them.  Don’t give the time of day to the media outlets that try and force such gash down your throat ect …..However to be honest though if we are talking about music |I wish would just dissapear for me: Nickleback and Keane they are just urghh…the nicest thing I can say about them is at least they play their own instruments..that’s it! Keane don’t have a guitarist, what the f*ck? How can you not have that! I’m sorry I don’t trust bands that don’t have a guitarist of a drummer! It’s just wrong! But if you are talking in a political or world sense, where you are forced to live with the consequences of individuals decisions or ideals, then that answer may take up more column space than you bargained for!

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012?

The Renounds: Well being bias we’d have to say either “Take What you Have” or “To Begin Again” by The Renounds. If we didn’t believe that, there would be no point us bothering to get up and play! Just wait till these are released for real along with the rest of our tunes. People will catch up with the sound sooner rather than later.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about The Renounds that nobody knows yet?

The Renounds: A quote courtesy of our bassist Gaz –  “Guitarist Jay Harding has literally an inexhaustible collection of jackets and desert boots. Each show will prove this “fact”.


You can listen and rock out to Take What You Have below! And thank you very much The Renounds, for giving me your answers!

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