Getting Cozy With… THE TRICKS!

The TricksAt around ten years old, two young whippersnappers named Joel and John decided they wanted to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band like all those guys they would see behaving badly on Top of the Pops, like Oasis and Blur. Ash at this stage was only four years old and his thoughts were less about rock n roll and probably more about, I dunno, Lego. Eliot, also ten at this point, was roaming the streets by day and perusing his dad’s extensive Motown record collection by night. All in all; so far so good.

By the time they grew from boys to men, their innocence long forgotten, they had formed a rock ‘n’ roll band just like they had dreamed about as kids. Called… THE TRICKS. YEAH! Joel sang and played bass, Johnny played the guitar, as did Eliot and Ash hit the drums. They listened to amazing records together like London Calling, Is This It, Born to Run, Funeral and My Aim is True and honed their plan of attack.

In a short space of time THE TRICKS went from sitting huddled round a laptop recording demo songs in a sub-zero temperature warehouse in Hackney, to recording their debut album in the sweltering heat of California. ‘How did this happen!’ I hear you cry!

Well, it was due to a chance encounter with an American producer named Bruce Witkin, who saw them playing a rocking, sweaty, busy gig in Shepherd’s Bush. What are the chances eh? Bruce and his long-time production partner, Ryan Dorn, saw something special in the band and miraculously signed them to their Los Angeles-based record company, Unison Music… HURRAH! Since then THE TRICKS have been dividing their time between recording their debut album in Los Angeles and travelling up and down the UK playing as many shows, meeting as many people and getting as drunk as possible.

Their last trip to Los Angeles in January 2013 saw the album completed and now THE TRICKS are waiting patiently for it to drop, while heading out on another two tours, one in March another in May. THE TRICKS love making new friends so come and see them at a show, then go up to them in the bar afterwards and buy them a pint or even something a little stronger… I assure you they will happily hang with you for as long as the dead of the night endures…



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