Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Swiss Lips

Swiss LipsWith creatively-crafted catchy songs, it’s no wonder Swiss Lips’ fans keep coming back for more. Swiss Lips deliver great songs, hilarious videos, and oddly enough, they’re able to make me write something over and over which I honestly never thought I’d type down in a blog post! With this in mind, take a read at our latest interview, featuring the one, the only… Swiss Lips!

AMBY: Hello Swiss Lips! What has the group been up to lately?

Swiss Lips: We had a hectic few months leading up to Christmas so we’ve spent the last few weeks getting back into writing and learning new songs for our tour next month.

AMBY: What’s the inspiration behind your sound?

Swiss Lips: So many things. Everything we’ve ever seen, everyone we’ve ever been.

AMBY: We’ve been following your “The Union” YouTube Episodes for a couple months! They’re a great look into the band. What’s the most memorable moment you had while filming all these videos?

Swiss Lips: It felt like a wave of wild enjoyment from start to finish, we’re still digesting what happened. The last night was one of the greatest nights of our lives though.

AMBY: The video for DANZ with Barrington is a real treat! Where’d the concept for such a unique video come from?

Swiss Lips: We needed a video quite quickly so got a few people to help us out.  Then Barrington magically appeared into our lives like a sex wizard from Hell and the video kind of created itself.

AMBY: Which three songs could be the soundtrack to your life so far?

Swiss Lips: God Only Knows– The Beach Boys, That’s Us / Wild Combination – Arthur Russell, Wanna Be Starting Something– Michael Jackson

AMBY: What’s a lyric you’ll never get enough of?

Swiss Lips: ‘If tomorrow wasn’t such a long time, then lonesome would mean nothing to you at all’

AMBY: Who are some bands you’d recommend our readers check out?

Swiss Lips: Seasfire, Cinnamon Girl.

AMBY: Where would you go in a time machine?

Swiss Lips: Hill Valley, Oct 21, 2015.

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2012?

Swiss Lips: Thinkin Bout You– Frank Ocean

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Swiss Lips nobody knows yet?

Swiss Lips: Michael Jackson co-produced our album from the grave via ouija board.


Thank you very much Swiss Lips, for giving me your answers!

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