Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Gulp

GULPGulp are a terrific musical duo consisting of Guto Pryce and Lindsey Leven. The band based in Cardiff, Wales have a very trippy element to their lush and lavish music. AMBY caught up with Gulp to find out more about their influences, life changing albums and touring with Django Django.

AMBY: For those who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing you, how would you describe Gulp’s sound in three words?

Gulp: Psychedelic space disco.

AMBY: How did the band come to form?

Gulp: Through a shared passion for music, making music and getting out and about playing songs. We were both working on solo stuff and kept asking each other to provide parts for each others tunes so it seemed to make sense to join forces in the end.

AMBY: Who influences Gulp as musicians and songwriters?

Gulp: A long list of global music makers that have embraced originality and creativity – be it freaky psych, electronic or simply a catchy tune. Film soundtracks and dance music influence our textures and grooves.

AMBY: You are currently working on your album, how is that coming along and what is the target release date?

Gulp: It’s coming along well thanks, we’re pretty excited. If we can release it before the summer that would be nice.

AMBY: You have recently toured with the amazing Django Django, how was the experience overall?

Gulp: Wonderful! They have a great vibe with them on the road and made us feel very welcome. They are a great band to watch every night. After the tour they asked us to cover Hand of Man for their recent remix album – you can listen to it it here

AMBY: What’s on your iPod at the moment?

Gulp: Amongst loads more (but this is pretty much how it went on a recent long drive home): Kraftwerk, Lee Hazlewood, Grimes, The Beach Boys, Neil Young, Ennio Morricone, Clarke, Wooden Shijps, Euros Childs, Dusty Springfield, The Beatles, always lots of jamaican dub, Nancy Sinatra, Cluster and Eno, Big Star

AMBY: Game Love is a terrific song, what is the story behind it?

Gulp: Thanks! It was a bit of a jigsaw. Lindsey wrote Game Love on acoustic guitar and Guto came along and pulled it apart and put it back together again adding synths and vibes. We began recording it at home then went into the studio with Sir Doufus and Gareth Bonello (The Gentle Good) in Cardiff and finally passed it to mix maestro Cian Ciaran to work his magic.

AMBY: Which three albums changed your life?

Guto: Forever Changes by Love, Perfect Prescription by Spacemen3 and Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld by The Orb

Lindsey: Harvest by Neil Young, 3 eps by The Beta Band, Hunky Dory by David Bowie

AMBY: Who would you like to be most and least stuck in an elevator with?

Gulp: Howard Marks would be good company, the Queen would not.

AMBY: What do you do outside of music for fun?

Gulp: Dance, eat, drink and be merry.

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012 so far?

Gulp: Mates by Race Horses was pretty fun! We also liked Genesis by Grimes. So far in 2013 we’re enjoying the new Destiny’s Child, Nuclear.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Gulp that nobody knows yet?

Gulp: We have no secrets.


Thank you very much Gulp, for giving us your answers!

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