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We Are TombolaHey,

We are ‘We Are Tombola’ a four piece band from Epsom, made up of James Lawton, Tim Stamper, Nick Stamper and Callum Slade, ranging in age from 15 to 18. James is the main driving force in terms of writing the music, with Tim being the second most prominent writer. The two of us played music together as an acoustic duo (Pentagon & Bean) for a long time in the comfort of our own home playing covers, such as the libertines, and also writing songs, some of which transferred to the band and are on our 4 song demo ep ‘About the Luck’ which you can listen to on SoundCloud. We got together properly as a band at the end of August 2012 when we were really inspired to do so by Reading Festival, getting friend Callum and brother Nick involved, to complete the set up. We’ve been lucky as we have been able to use the recording facilities at a local youth centre, allowing us to stick a lot of demo tracks down, enabling us to get the gigs we have played. Our most recent recording is ‘Deep Desires’ which is a track which is available for FREE download on SoundCloud. The next couple of months should be busy for us with more gigs and studio time which we plan to take more time with to get the recording of our new single ‘Two Eyes’ as perfect as possible planning on releasing it on iTunes, which is exciting!

We Are Tombola xxx


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