Five Favourite Fab Gigs: Olly Knights

We’ve been perennial fans of Olly Knights’ music and passion for a long time. It’s as simple as that. From Turin Brakes’ The Optimist LP to his outstanding album If Not Now When?, we’ve literally wanted to see this man in concert for years now. Once again, Olly graciously took the time to talk with AMBY, only this time we spoke about his five favourite fab gigs!

Gig one, The Freebutt in Brighton 1999, Our 1st proper gig as Turin Brakes, we had an hour to fill and did not really have enough material, it was mainly so our then manager could show his mates that he wasn’t a total slacker after all, it was utterly terrifying but we got through it, it was a very steep learning curve.

Gig two, Brixton Academy 2003, we played two sold out shows at our favourite local venue to over ten thousand people, it was without doubt a massive moment for us. It’s an odd venue, huge with infamously bad sound but we went for it, god knows how our nerves held up but I saw some footage of it the other day and it was immense, lazers, video and huge sound, wow!

Gig three, London post office tower, This one was for a radio show on XFM, they dedicated an evening slot to us which was nice of them! We played at the top of this iconic tower overlooking all 360 degrees of our home town to comp winners, it was surreal but we still love to point out that we played it when we see it, it’s viewable from all over London.

Gig four, The London Eye, We had our own pod as part of a bunch of events staged in the eye, we played with a troop of african drummers and had a blast, we had a captive audience as they couldn’t escape and we blasted them with acoustic energy!

Gig five, Gloucester this weekend just gone, seems odd to have this as a stand out but it was because it was packed out and we got to play some new stuff and the crowd gave us back every bit as much energy as all the best years before, three encores down we were just stumped by the reaction and all felt the old magic again…. When it’s good there’s nothing better.


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Alicia Atout

2 thoughts on “Five Favourite Fab Gigs: Olly Knights

  1. I’ve seen the might ‘Brakes several times: I saw them in 2003 on the opening date of the Ether Song tour, which was quite special as ‘Pain Killer’ had only just charted (their highest charting single…) and, you know, being the first gig of a tour always gives things a kinda nervous, excited energy.

    But, my most memorable Turin Brakes gig was at Manchester Cathedral 2011: they played the entirety of ‘The Optimist LP’. The venue was beautifully lit and just all-round incredible. I should go to more gigs in Cathedrals…

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