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The Milk BarGreetings,

From a freezing cold London evening. It’s almost Jack The Ripper-esque. Our band, The MilkBar formed last spring over a drink at an open mic in Islington, North London. After seeing many performers on the night, we decided to form a 3 piece, harking back to the days of late 60’s Garage Rock N Roll drawing from the influence table of bands like The Sonics, through to The Clash and Joy Division in the 70’s & 80’s through the grunge and Strokes’ era through to 2/3/12. After our first gig to one man and a bluebottle, we’ve now developed our sound and attack, focusing on lyrical depth with powerhouse drums, and elastic bass. After recording our first AA last summer we now look forward to our next release in May 2013, including Whitechapel to Berlin & Phet. Songs about escapism and cheap narcotics which are so prevalent in this city of ours. We invite you to drink from our loving cup, to embrace your inner demon and release them in the form of jumping up and down, and embracing life on this here planet.

Welcome to the way….The MilkBar way…


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Alicia Atout

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