Concert Review: Swim Deep!

SwimDeep Article 2Swim Deep Brudnell Social Club, Leeds, 16th Feb

This Saturday night, Brudnell Social Club, with it’s primary audience of middle aged ‘real-ale’ drinkers, was invaded by hoards of teenagers to see Swim Deep, and their support acts, Leeds band The Covelles and Birmingham band JAWS.

The Covelles opened the evening, and they showed promise as a new band. After getting to the venue early enough to watch Swim Deep and Jaws soundcheck, we were discreetly trying to find out whether the bass player was a musician, or just wearing a leopard print fur coat for the hell of it. After then watching him greet his mum and dad in the corridor, we decided that, yes, he was in a band! Despite not knowing any of there songs, the audience approved of the band. They got plenty of applause and whoops after each song, and I definitely went home and checked them out on SoundCloud. Despite their catchy songs, I must admit they looked quite awkward on stage – but I guess every support band will get that at some point and with time they’ll find themselves comfortable up there! Either way, they were a good opener and given the chance I would go see them again in Leeds!

downloadNext up was Jaws. I am a massive Jaws fan, and it would seem I wasn’t the only one who was, which I was hoping would make Jaws more comfortable! However, after a couple of songs, front man Conner admitted to having an awful hangover and that he wasn’t up to much. They played their songs and we sung along, but we could tell that they had already burnt themselves out, with only two more dates supporting! Luckily, a middle aged (and admittedly rather drunk) member of the audience brought it upon himself to entertain the crowd. He sprung up onto the stage and began dancing around the band. Despite their condition, the band seemed to like their new addition. This guy promptly whipped out a toothbrush and began brushing his teeth whilst dancing to the band play ‘Surround You’. The band played their music as well as I imagined they would – but without our overexcited friend the performance would have been rather boring!

SwimDeep Article 3Swim Deep were the band we had all come to see and they were greeted with great excitement as they took to the tiny stage. Their Tye Dye background, stuck to the wall with Duct Tape summed up the informal style of the band – as did the fact Higgy and Cavan had refused to wear shoes whilst preforming. They opened with one or two songs off their new album, and the crowd jumped around despite not knowing any of the words. We then heard the lovely opening of The Sea, their latest single, and they then played Honey, a song I was surprised not to hear them play last. As they went through new and old songs they played around with the audience, constantly having different items of clothing thrown onto the stage at them. At one point Austin picked up one of these shirts and decided to get changed into it, much to the amusement of the owner of the shirt. Cavan got a lot of attention from the crowd who loved it even when he looked up at them! They finished with King City and rushed off stage, most probably because they had all run out of beer!

SwimDeep Article 4The crowd were going mental all the way through the gig. Being right at the front, I could feel the huge pressure of the whole audience moving in closer to the stage. At one point I turned around to see a rather large circle had formed with people being thrown into it and pushed about. One or two guys crowd surfed up to the stage, one of which got up, grabbed a guitar and pretended to play, much to the dismay of Austin who picked him up and threw him back into the crowd. Another guy tried to do a stage dive, yet everyone but my friend moved, leaving them both in agony on the floor! Whilst all this is normal gig behavior, I found it quite suprising to say it was Swim Deep, a band who prides itself on floaty indie tunes. I then thought that, that’s what makes a really good concert, when the band can have the audience going mental for songs that they haven’t even brought out yet! The band were brilliant, everyone loved it, and what’s more they came out and met all their fans like bands should after their gigs! Amazing night.

For an interview with JAWS, click here.

Maisy Farren / @MaisyFarren

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