Monday, February 18th, 2013: New Musique

New MusiqueHappy Monday everyone! I must admit, I’m amazed with how many new bands AMBY has taken a liking to this week! There’s an insanely massive amount of great music out there. So to feature a few of these artists we created this playlist for you and your ears to enjoy!

Sparrowhawk- Living Man’s Disease
Gem and The Deadheads- Velvet
Alistair Sheerin- Take It All
As Elephants Are- Youth Blood
The Family Rain- Carnival
Night Engine- I’ll Make It Worth Your While
Cultfever- Knewyouwell
Elspeth- Quick Exit
Arthur Rigby- Ode to Gog
Red Sands- Mrs Cosgrove
Crash & The Coots- Emily (Hehe)
Coastal Cities- The Voyage
Broken Witt Rebels- Nowhere Train
Firesuite- Red World
Blind Drivers- Throwing Darts

Alicia Atout

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