Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Deap Vally

Photo by Bryan Sheffield
Photo by Bryan Sheffield

Listening to Deap Vally is akin to getting laced between the eyes with a sonic punch. The duo consisting of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards create music that is raw, rough and ready. Having played with The Vaccines and Muse, these Ladies have quite the lethal live show going on and are definitely one to keep an eye on. Excited to see what the band have been up to, AMBY spoke to Deap Vally about the recording of their new album, fancy accents and their nudist dressing room.

AMBY: How would you describe Deap Vally’s sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Deap Vally: Heavy and raw.

AMBY: Where did the name Deap Vally come from?

Deap Vally: Just a random thought flitting through my brain one day.  It’s meant to refer to a part of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles where I’m from.  Then we spelled it wrong, in the tradition of legendary rockers (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, uh, Def Leopard…?)

AMBY: Gonna Make My Own Money is a wicked song, what is the story behind it?

Deap Vally: Simple.  Lindsey’s dad all her life has told her she had to marry a rich man, and she may do so, but in the meantime, she’s gonna make her own money instead.  How about that?

AMBY: You have been recording your new album. how has that been going and when will it be released?

Deap Vally: It’s going great.  It’s so cathartic to give birth to new tunes, jam ’em out garage-style, and then capture the performance for posterity.  We’re looking to release it at the end of April.

AMBY: If you could create a law that everyone would have to follow, what would it be?

Deap Vally: Thou shalt create thine own laws.  And then break them.

AMBY: Who would your dream gig be with?

Deap Vally: The Rolling Stones in 2013!!!

AMBY: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

Deap Vally: Here We Go Magic, Tame Impala, Teebs, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, JJUUJJUU, Father John Misty

AMBY: You are having some amazing success in the UK. How do you find North American audiences differ from UK ones?

Deap Vally: They ain’t got no fancy accents.

AMBY: You have done some gigs with The Vaccines and Muse. What is a funny touring moment you can share with our readers?

Deap Vally: There are SO many!  That’s the problem.  You come home from tour and your friends wanna know how it went and you don’t even know where to start.  We were also on tour with DIIV and one night Lindsey’s main guitar malfunctioned, and then her backup guitar puttered out, so Cole from DIIV ran on stage and let her play his guitar, all covered in Duct tape art.  Gave us some serious hipster cache…

AMBY: If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would you choose?

Deap Vally: Woody Allen, Jimmy Page, Mary Kate Olsen

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012?

Deap Vally: Yikes.  What a question.  I’m just gonna be an asshole and say End of the World by Deap Vally.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Deap Vally that nobody knows yet?

Deap Vally: Our dressing room is nudist.


Thank you Deap Vally, for giving us your answers!

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