Five Favourite Fab Gigs: We Are The Physics

watptours1When it comes to We Are the Physics, they always give us answers which have wit and cheekiness spilling out of them! They told us they’ve played approximately 8,000,000 gigs! Pretty impressive for only being a band for eight years, right? So when we asked them what their five favourite fab gigs are, we knew it wouldn’t be easy! But for AMBY, We Are the Physics ruffled through all 8,000,000 by narrowing it down to their top five!


File0530Paradiso, Amsterdam
This was the first gig we ever did outside of the UK and we were all just happy to be let out of the country. We turned up in Amsterdam and went straight to the free Torture Museum. We’d hardly been together as a band, and had only toured the UK once to about sixteen people in total, so when we turned up to a packed venue and the security asked us if we minded people on the stage, we just sort of blindly agreed. Five minutes in – half the audience are bouncing off the stage on to each others’ heads. What a belter!

424492_10151368521825066_14203940065_23018093_126936557_nRate-A-Song Night @ Bloc, Glasgow

When we were writing our new album, we put on a tiny free entry night in Glasgow where we played all our new songs and people could rate them via the use of a home-made clap-o-meter powered by the ghost of Bruce Forsyth. It wasn’t really powered by anything because it was made of paper and our drummer controlled it manually. Surprisingly, all the reactions we gauged completely matched how we’d previously rated the songs. Funny that. We played about an hour of new material and everyone was just so enthusiastic about it despite us having the most self-indulgent wank-fest ever.

424311_10151365137360066_14203940065_23007387_405448675_nJurassic Rock Festival, Finland 

We’d never been to Finland before, so when we turned up and found out we were playing mainly hard rock and black metal festivals, it’s safe to say we collectively shat ourselves. To the uninitiated, we are neither hard rock or black metal. Somehow the black t-shirted audiences forgave us and were incredibly nice about it, raising their spiked fists and moshing. Probably ironically, but that beats a wee beard and a beanie hat any day.

File0080Guided Missile Xmas Party, London

Guided Missile is one of our all-time favourite indie labels, and they gave us our first ever gig in London, so we’re always indebted to them. As a result, we’ve managed to play their Christmas party about eight thousand times, despite there not having been that many Christmases in any of our lifetimes. I’ve managed to win a human head on the Xmas tombola twice. We’d always been warned not to go to London because everyone would hate us, but Guided Missile always made it so easy for us and the first Xmas party we did there was such a rush of jostling festive excitement that it’s hard to forget.

IMG_9622O-nest, Tokyo

Touring Japan was one of the best things we’ve ever managed to do  it feels like a completely different planet over there. Apart from the similar atmosphere and adherence to the laws of gravity. Our second last gig of the tour was in Shibuya and the place was rammed with excitable Japanese kids, some complete with 3D specs and A/V cables wrapped around their wrists. I think our Japanese label had just sold out of records and our tour manager had finally made some money off the whole thing, so there was an added sense of relief that it hadn’t all been for nothing. Our tour manager was this lovely guy, a Japanese-fluent massive Canadian fella called Jason who stood out like a massive Canadian fella called Jason and, halfway through the set, I saw him flailing around in a self-made moshpit. It was a magical moment, like watching a buoy in the ocean start to rebel against the waves. Except with less quiet dignity.


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