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Ancient TimesHello, my name is George and I go under the alias on Ancient Times. Ancient Times is based in Brighton and started in July of 2012 when I wrote and recorded the first three demos myself. Ancient Times is far more than a band or a solo artist. It’s more of a concept or a way at looking at pop music. I take a huge amount of inspiration from myths, history and my surroundings but not to mention a lot of great bands that have floated in and out of my life; Fleetwood Mac, Beat Happening and Joy Division. Ancient Times has the first ever live shows lined up for 2013 with my band so hopefully this year will involve playing a lot of shows in lots of different places. February 2013 will also see the debut physical release from Ancient Times on Coastal Wizards label so keep your eyes peeled for that! I really hope you enjoy Ancient Times look forward to catching you at a show soon!

Love from George,

Ancient Times xx


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