Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Reverend And The Makers

R&TMWant to dance your ass off to the b-b-b-bassline? Be the heavyweight champion of the world? Or love a band for a long long time? Then if you don’t already, you have to know this band. Reverend and the Makers have been breaking new ground for literally years now in the UK music scene. And luckily for us North Americans, they’re coming across the pond this year to spread the Rev love. With the release of their ridiculously original third album @Reverend_Makers, music-making legend Rev (Jon McClure) graciously took the time to speak with AMBY. And of course, we had to keep the Rev flair throughout the interview, so have a read at this new, exclusive and unedited interview with Reverend and the Makers!

AMBY: The latest album @Reverend_Makers has got a ton of party and soul! What was the energy like in the studio during its making with The Makers?

R&TM: Good. The whole vibe was that we cheered up and had a laugh. I think you can hear it in the music really and i guess that’s why the whole of last year was so good as a result .

AMBY: What are your favourite tracks of the album, mine have to be Bassline and Noisy Neighbour!

R&TM: Yeah i reckon Bassline is a true banger. I like Warts n All too. Just cos it’s so true to life. Like how many poseurs are there on facebook lol. ?

AMBY: Speaking of Bassline, you guys gave it away as a free download. You
know we all would have paid for it, right?!

R&TM: I know but give a little to receive a lot and all that right?

AMBY: You’re about to do some touring in the U.S. with The Enemy, what’s
to be expected at your gigs?

R&TM: Well i can’t speak for The Enemy but from our side, a fucking party and a good laugh and a band that can actually play their instruments. You might laugh but it’s a rarity these days with Uncle knobhead getting paid to stand there and play horrible cheesy music.

AMBY: On the topic of live shows and touring, tell me your best and worst live moments.

R&TM: Best is the reaction to the new album. When the crowd all sing along to new tunes it’s a winner. cos there’s nothing worse than that down moment if you drop a new un and it goes down like a turd. the worst moments are if we fuck up but that’s rare as rocking horse shit tbh.

AMBY: Who are some bands you can’t get enough of?

R&TM: Love the Django Django album. im bang into Kwaito music at the minute it’s like South African House music. Professor “Finger Prints” is the one.!!

AMBY: What were the last three albums you bought?

R&TM: The Professor Album, Jake Bugg and Tame Impala

AMBY: What do you do in your downtime?

R&TM: Until recently i would have answered , smoke weed hhaha but now i go to loads of football matches and collect vintage banknotes. That sounds mega boring now doesn’t it??

AMBY: If you could create a law that everyone would have to follow, what would it be?

R&TM: You can’t anonymously abuse people on twitter. If you do the victim has the right to come round and sort you out ! That’d stop the keyboard warriors in their tracks.

AMBY: You have an incredibly devoted fan base, what would you like to say to them?


AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

R&TM: Touring America, writing n recording album 4 and getting out to the festivals again man.

AMBY: Tell me something about you that nobody knows.

R&TM: I was in a Dire Straits video aged 8.


Thank you so much Reverend, for giving us your answers!

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