Playlisted: A Journey with The Glass Child

PlaylistedWhen I first heard about the Glass Child, I, of course, journeyed to SoundCloud. It is my first point of contact for new tunes. The Glass Child (Charlotte Erikson) hosts a brilliant collection of songs. I started from the most recent, and let them play through till the oldest. While the great sounds played in the background, I began to read a little more about the artist. Through the course of two years, Charlotte Erikson established herself as a talented singer/songwriter. This culminates on the twenty-sixth of February with the release of her first full length album.

The Glass Child is a singer, a writer, and very much her own person and content to be so. Two years ago she took what I consider to be a bold step; she moved from Sweden to London to fulfill her musical ambitions. Through the course of these past two years she traveled. She sang. She turned people into fans. She wrote. Thinking about this personal journey she took, I then began playing her songs from oldest to newest. Perhaps a little of her journey was reflected in her songs.

And, that is the topic of today’s Playlisted. Taking that musical journey with the Glass Child. Enjoy!

Artist: The Glass Child, @JustAGlassChild

The Glass Child – I Will Lead You Home (Charity single for Ung Cancer)
The Glass Child – Insanity
The Glass Child – Tell The World
The Glass Child – Hypnic Jerk
The Glass Child – Letdown
The Glass Child – Stay

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