Passion Pit: Concert Review!

Passion PitA week and a day after playing a sold out show at Madison Square Garden, Passion Pit came to Toronto’s Kool Haus for one of two Canadian shows. Despite the night’s blizzard-like conditions, the venue quickly filled with eager fans.

Openers were Matt & Kim, an indie rock band from Brooklyn, probably best known for their 2009 single, “Daylight.”

Kim was particularly entertaining, making racy comments about Canadian girls, and introducing Matt as her “partner in music and in sex.” It was a constant stream of energy throughout, but the highlight of the set was Kim putting on a boot brace (she had broken her ankle at a previous show) so that she could dance on top of the crowd.

Passion Pit (über punctual, coming on at 10:15 p.m. exactly) opened with “I’ll be Alright,” the second track from their newest album, Gossamer (2012) and immediately got the crowd jumping.

The setlist was comprised mainly of Gossamer tracks, but Michael Angelakos made sure to throw in some highlights from Manners (2009), including “Eyes As Candles,” “Little Secrets,” and “Moths Wings.” The only disappointment of the show was the near absence of songs from the 2008 EP, Chunk of Change.

The audience cheered extra enthusiastically for “Constant Conversations,” “It’s Not my Fault I’m Happy,” and “Carried Away,” but it was “The Reeling” that got everyone singing along. Thousands of voices were suddenly proclaiming, “Look at me, oh look at me / Is this the way I’ll always be,” essentially screaming out the strange (though beautiful) contrast that is Passion Pit: bubbly pop on top, manic-depressive lyrics underneath.

Passion Pit put on a lengthy show (at just about an hour and 15 minutes), but the poor folks out to beat the coat check line missed the encore, the song that is perhaps most loved among diehard and causal fans alike, “Sleepyhead.” Angelakos said, “Thank you so much for coming out, I know it’s really fucking cold,” but everyone there knew it was worth it, that Passion Pit was really fucking great that night, and the dance-party-sing-along was re-ignited for five extra minutes.

Leah Edwards

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