Wednesday, February 27th, 2013: Endless Playlist

EPAMBY has gathered a humungous cornucopia of new tracks for your ears to love! So we thought, “what’s the best way to feature all of them?” In the end, we can never go wrong with a playlist! So have a listen to this new, endless playlist! (And yes, there is an actual end…) x

Skeleton Suite- Wounded
Penfold- Just One Day
Montmartre- Mis-Step
Carnabells- Station Road
Visc.- Mercy
Psyence- I Often Ponder
The Little Shocks- Vagabond Sound
Amol Prabhu- Closed Door Open Window
The Cavaliers- Down The Drains
Kid Paret- Manners
The Cheap Speakers- Speak
Hungry Kids of Hungary- Sharp Shooter
Anaesthetics- Slow Trains
Bad Cardigan- The Goodies
Furious55s- Pound Ain’t Worth A Penny Anymore
DogGone- RMNCE
Frontline Fire- You Won’t Feel A Thing
2 Tone Parade- No Way of Knowing
Holy Coves- Come Alive
Navy Skies- Ontario Winds
Tomlin Leckie- Strangers
The Good Child- Simone Pt. 2
Symbols of the West- We Are Ghosts
Cultfever- Knewyouwell
Girl Called Johnny- Heaven Knows
March of the Real Fly- Girl
Pink Pumps- Everynight

Alicia Atout

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