Getting Cozy With… The Revival!

The RevivalThe Revival are a three piece band who met whilst at University in Cheltenham. Made up of drummer Phil Beastall, bass player Ryan Kent and singer and guitarist Arfyn Rhys Ruhonah. The band see themselves as the quintessential rock and roll band merging style, attitude and melodies, with more than just a subtle nod to songwriter Arfyn Rhys Ruhonah’s musical influences. To say The Revival are simply an indie rock band would be grave injustice, as their already vast musical cannon contains heartbreaking acoustic ballads ranging to balls out rock monsters. Flying the flag for ‘real music’ and with barrels of self belief, The Revival truly believe that they are the best unsigned band in Britain and anyone who listens to their tunes will soon be converted.

Here’s to rock n roll/pop n soul.


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