Playlisted: Then and Now

PlaylistedI love it when I find a new band, only to discover that they are not exactly new. Just new to me. I scroll through their SoundCloud and find music added a year or more ago. I scroll back to the top and see music added just this month. Even though it was a particular song that may have brought me there, I stay and listen to the evolution of the band.

In this Playlisted, I’ve taken a few examples of bands with a history. For each band, I have chosen two killer tunes: a Then, and a Now. The songs show a gap of a year or more in all cases. All tracks are musically amazing. By having the Then and Now, we can see a greater cross section and depth to the very cool bands I’ve Playlisted! Enjoy!

Deabeat Echoes @deadbeatechoes

Then: Bentleys
Now: Surge of Youth

& the Centurions @atcenturions

Then: The Other People
Now: Skeletons 

ScenicLife @ScenicLife1

Then: Brighton ’64
Now: Just the Same

The Vibe @thevibetweet

Then: Posit It Note
Now: Sixty Two

We Came from the Sea @WCFTS

Then: Antelope Arms

The Cape Race @thecaperace

Then: Little Whites
Now: Digging for Gold


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Michael Dakin

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