Five Favourite Fab Gigs: Seattle Yacht Club

SYC BannerAMBY loves Seattle Yacht Club. That is all.

…Kidding. We have to write some sort of intro for these two! This is a band we’d be thrilled to see in Toronto. AMBY really loved reading this article, especially since Denis and Tom’s personalities completely shine through in their five choices. So here it is- have a read, have a laugh, and check out Seattle Yacht Club’s five favourite gigs!

GIG ONE – Lion’s Den (Southport)

The two of us share the most marvelous hairdresser who has an impeccable thirst for fresh new music, like a cat. With that thirst came a succession of intimate gigs he called ‘Sessions From The Den’. Surrounded by sinks and scissors we played our set to a vibed up crowd who absorbed our music like a fresh cloudy lemonade. We played along side some great acts, and the evening climaxed in an outbreak of chorus involving all acts and audience, together as one. It was incredibly touching.

GIG TWO – The Borderline (London)

We packed our bags and headed south on a scorching English day (you would never believe how beautiful it was indeed). The show was part of a wonderful city festival called London City Showcase. After various discussions in sound check about carpets on stage, we forged our performance area tightly balancing at the front. Punters poured perfectly in as we unified and bopped as one to our beats. We found ourselves perched on the front cover of the festival magazine next to the one and only Lemar, a true English cupcake. To end the night we partied in Camden to celebrate the fruits of life.

GIG THREE – Bumper (Liverpool)

This was our first gig as the dynamic dishing energetic vivacious lively rockin’ duo, put on by the magical Tom Valentine where supported the now-mighty Peace. It was our first chance to showcase our charismatic cheeky tunes and we relished in such animalistic desires. We’d been working tirelessly to merge our talents to the point of illness and this gig proved worthy of such devotion. Peace were a delight to behold, it was great to see them perform flawlessly in such an intimate environment.

GIG FOUR – Sound Control (Manchester)

The scene was set for a stellar night of entertainment, as is usually the case in this hot box, as Denis dropped his amp as he fell through the door (strange as Tom is usually the clumsy one) revealing himself to the other bands from the floor, a light-hearted affair. We followed a rather Australian rock outfit who were humorous and likeable, which softened the audience to Denis’ bright orange flower and charming attire. The Manchester audience had their groove on as did we for those intense 28 minutes. Denis got far too carried away dancing on stage and managed to head butt Tom in the nether regions during a guitar solo, but have no fear all parties recovered without lasting injuries.

GIG FIVE – Krazyhouse (Liverpool)

A night put on by local BBC DJ Dave Monks that we always enjoy playing. This was a late Friday night club gig in the heart of Liverpool that nearly ended in a strip club for Tom’s turning of 21 at midnight, but we fought off peer pressure as common sense prevailed. We had great support at this gig as our friends and fans came in droves. Due to the timing of this show a copious amount of alcohol was consumed prior to our performance. Our audience upon our arrival erupted into fits of dance, similar to that of the harlem shake.


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