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BismarkSo we’re a baby of a band still. We’ve had our record out for a few months and we’re in the early stages of some sort of follow up. This debut, ‘His Way of Stones’ is a half acoustic recording project that birthed the band. After losing a drummer and a guitar player (because of geography issues) we adopted a couple dudes into our band family and things feel settled. We are Joel, Shane, Joe, Nick, and Davis, we call ourselves Bismark. Joe, Shane and myself played together in bands years ago. I’m starting to think we’re hard to get along with or something because we keep ending up in bands together. Maybe no one else can stand working with us. Maybe we’re just fucking brilliant at writing together. Probably the latter. Regardless, we’re into what we’re doing. We’re an active band, we’ll try to play your hometown as often as we can. Still only baby steps. We’re playing Toronto frequently, our lovely filthy city. More people are coming to hang out with us at shows and are realizing we exist, they seem to dig it so hopefully you will as well!

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