Playlisted: Blown Away!

PlaylistedThere is no shortage of good music around. On a daily basis I listen to many new artists. But, once in a while I come across a song that makes me sit back and say “wow!”. Every song has something to offer. And, every song impacts people in different ways. The songs I’m profiling in Playlisted today just happen to be the ones that resonated with me. All are quality. All define what music should be. All are an accomplishment for the talented musicians crafting them. These particular tracks are ones I play on repeat. Over and over and over…

If you have come across a song that blows you away, I’d like to hear it! Tweet me: @SirMop26.

The Vibe – The Smoker
Mama Roux – Reach Out
Sub Couple – Sub Stomp
Alfa9 – Seedless
Reva – Northwest Skies
Youtha – Runaway
Velocets – Tell It To Your Kids

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Michael Dakin

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