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PENFOLD_Promo_PictureHi we’re Penfold, a five piece alt/rock band from Livingston in Scotland with an up-tempo anthemic sound. We (Calum More, Liam Innes, Thomas Fraser and Calum Sked) started off as a four piece in October 2011, but added our fifth and final member Steven Dunsmore in mid summer 2012 to complete our sound! We’re all best friends and just love playing and writing music together. Our sound started out as really raw energetic rock but has definitely taken on grunge and hard rock elements with melodic sounds influencing heavily – that’s why we simply refer to ourselves as alt/rock! We released our debut EP ‘Hindsight & Regrets’ in May 2012 and our debut single ‘Exactly How It Happened’ in March 2013. We love releasing music, but nothing beats playing live. Whether its to 1 person or 100 people you cannot beat the thrill of getting up on that stage as a collective unit and letting loose until you’re nothing more than a sweaty mess at the end of your set. That’s our philosophy so we bust a gut to make sure it comes over at every show we play. Talking of shows we’ll be touring Scotland again this summer and making a few trips down to England and Wales later on in the year so make sure you keep your eyes out for us! In the meantime though, why not head over to our BandCamp or SoundCloud page and pick up your free copy of our single and b-side?


Calum, Steven, Liam, Thomas & Calum


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