Lyric of the Day: “Coming Of Age”

TribesComing Of Age by Tribes

“I wanna stay up late in your room at night, don’t wanna watch my world grow old and die. I wanna get drunk, leave my brain outside. Don’t wanna make friends with people I don’t like.”

Magical. Utterly magical. This is the pre-chorus of the song Coming of Age by Tribes. When Johnny Lloyd howls the words out, I feel as though he’s wrenching them straight from his own heart. Each line strikes a chord inside my soul because I feel that everyone can relate to him! “I wanna stay up late in your room at night” This is such a powerful line, because there are few things in life more precious than spending time with the ones you love, and the emotion with which Johnny sings this line is one that resonates deep within us all.

No one wants to watch their world grow old and die; we want to be young forever. That’s just human nature! Just imagine spending all of eternity with the person you love in your own everlasting bubble, even as the physical world around you crumbles and breaks apart. I take the line “I wanna get drunk, leave my brain outside” both literally and metaphorically because sometimes it’s just what we all need. Thoughts can be stressful and depressing, so when you are able to shut your brain out of your body, it can be the biggest relief. Drunk? Keep in mind that alcohol isn’t the only thing that can inebriate a person…

I don’t wanna make friends with people I don’t like either, I don’t see any point in trying to please everyone! The rest of the song describes the pains of growing up, hence the chorus “ I’m coming of age now,” which is completely relatable, as Max Bloom from Yuck once tweeted me: “We all gotta grow up sometime!” Tribes’ début album Baby is one of my favourite of all time, and I can’t help but feel their new record Wish to Scream is going to be even better!


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Amol Prabhu / @guitarizt

One thought on “Lyric of the Day: “Coming Of Age”

  1. I cradle my father as he falls to his knees,
    he felt that burden of upset that always hangs over me.
    Even I know forever’s so long when life won’t wait.
    Subdued to the years for all our last of what’s left
    he said the judgement of sorrow will make a man of you yet,
    so I’ll be standing by whilst all along you waste away.
    It takes the courage to suffer he said you can’t even see,
    he saw the man stood before him that he

    nice, nice, nice …

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