Friday, March 15th, 2013: Mega-Playlist

Mega PlaylistIt’s almost the weekend! To kick it off we’ve created a list of tracks by some brilliant bands. Well, that pretty much sums everything up! So now all that’s left is to just kick back and enjoy!

The Dancers- For Something In Your Eyes
Skint & Demoralised- The Queen of Chelsea
Bagatelle- Jackson
RudyTrixX- Arguing
Kismet Riding- Stuck In A Daze
Neon Rouge- Black Mamba
Skinny Dream- Crush
The Cryptics- She Saves the Day
St. Somebody- Pseudonym
The British Kicks- Lies
The Adelines- Little Games
Underwater Picnic- Burn the Past
Jordan Allen- Holding Fast
Thin Vision- Don’t You Listen
Awooga- Grain
Man In A Crowd- Stuck
Stirling- Rather Say Goodbye
Jack Vagabond- My London
Kid Paret- It Comes and Goes
Captain Dangerous- Heather and Tommy
Broken Witt Rebels- All Worn Out
We Are Tombola- Deep Desires
Go Long (!)- Bass In My Veins
The Rifts- Fire In Your Eyes
Fantastic Piano- State of Disorder
Jim Platts Rhythm Innovation- Drama Queen
Once Too Much- Out Your Mind
The Good Child- The Boy’s an Idiot
Firesuite- Red World
The Lunar Pilots- Sit By The Wall
Sunny and Boo-Boo- The Garden
Marie Avery- Heavy
Out Like Wolves- Building Bombs
The Scandal- Wrong Side of the Door
Those Among Us Are Wolves- The Speed Of A Life
Strangeways- Cold, Blooded Murder
Boxset- Mary
Sweat Panther Sweat Sweat- Diamond Lung
SOS- A Challenge to the Dark
Bad Cardigan- The Goodies
The Big V- Murder Song
Alright the Captain- Neo Tokyo

Alicia Atout

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