Getting Cozy With… E Y E S H A D O W S!

EyeshadowsWe are a London-based outfit with a visual arts, writing, music and activism background. We first met at Namesti Miru in Prague, where we struck up a conversation, soundtracked by the peeling of the local church bells. Although we’re atheists, we’re very interested in the symbolism and philosophy behind each religion. We soon realised how much we had in common: our love of ‘Low’-era Bowie, Mertens, politics and Italian Neo-Realist movies, as well as our shared and unmitigated hatred of the conservative in all its terrible forms.

E Y E S H A D O W S sprang forth; our name suggesting both an artificial created self and nocturnal hallucinations. We are interested in music with emotional intensity, equally at home with euphoria and something much darker. Our lyrics grapple with ideas of mass manipulation, selfhood, pharmaceuticals, love and loss.

Although we only formed 6 months ago, we’ve already had airplay on BBC London, as well as support from the online community, which has surprised and encouraged us greatly. We’re currently working on more music videos and the stage production for our upcoming live shows, so stay tuned.


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Alicia Atout

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