Getting Cozy With… Go Long (!)

Go LongHi there. We are Go Long (!)

This is Danielle, writing on behalf of Lucas and Nicolas, as I so often do on the interwebs. If you mention us on Twitter or connect with us on Facebook, you can be sure it is me at the other end writing back. We were formed in 2010 when Lucas moved back to Ottawa from Montreal and we gigged around the city for fun. Things got serious, fast. But don’t worry, not too serious…we still can’t play a show without laughing mid-song. Dani and Nic met through Luc because the Ottawa music scene is a pretty tight-nit community. They fell in love and during the making of our first album, Strings Untied, Nic joined the band slappin’ the bass. Since the album, things are moving so fast we can’t keep up. I regularly text friends to check acceptance letters for festivals, gig offers, and media emails because in my mind there is no way these dreams are coming true (and surely I am imagining it). We hope you like our music, as we’ve been making it our entire lives. We want to share it with you, as well as some laughs because life is too short to be serious all the time. We are heading out on our first Canadian tour this summer…hoping we can visit other countries right after. We can’t do it without you, so please connect with us online.

Hoping to hear from you & eternal love to our LongHards

Dani, Luc & Nic


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