Getting Cozy With… Jordan Allen!

Jordan AllenAlright! How’s it going? My name is Jordan Allen. I’m a nineteen year old singer songwriter from a town called Bolton just outside of Manchester. I’ve been playing my own stuff since the start of 2011 and I’ve played everywhere. From Italian restaurants to football stadiums I have charmed crowds with quirky home-grown lyrics and rocky post-punk guitar riffs.

I’m booked for a tonne of gigs across the North of England during summer including Live at Leeds, Headlander and At the Playground. Hopefully I will also be spreading my wings and flying down South for some gigs towards the end of the year.

Check out my stuff online loads of free downloads from my SoundCloud including my video ‘Holding Fast’ which is being used by BBC Radio 1 as part of a project on ‘’getting famous through YouTube’’. Also if you could like my Facebook page and have a gander at the website, you would be a complete star.

See you at the next gig!

Jordan x


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