Getting Cozy With… The Almighty Rhombus!

The Almighty Rhombus
Photo by Amanda Thirkill

Heyyyy AMBY, we are a rock band called the Almighty Rhombus. We sound exactly like the Beatles but we’re way friendlier and way less famous.

We all live together in a giant mansion overlooking downtown Sudbury, where we train in the ancient art of Tae Bo, practice transcendental meditation, have fun parties every night where only cool people come, listen to records and write unstoppable pop music. You should probably move to Sudbury and come party with us. We make really good hickory-smoked ribs. Seriously, Sudbury rules and there are lots of good bands here. Ask us sometime and we’ll tell you all about it.

We have a dog whose name is Burt or Bird Dog. He’s pretty dumb so you can call him whatever you want and he usually just lies there looking at you. He has a good soul though.

We have an enormous blue van called the Judge. It’s called the Judge because right after we bought it, it killed a seagull. It looked into the soul of the seagull and found it lacking. Judge, jury and executioner. It was really sad to look at the dead seagull but death is inevitable.

Some of us in the band are brothers, and some are not. Play a fun game and try to figure out who! We’re all handsome and buff musclemen so everyone’s a winner in this game.

We made a video recently where we went sliding with our best friends and drank Steamwhistle beer at an abandoned dam behind a graveyard. We also had a deep fryer, a sound system and a BBQ.

Our ultimate goal is to be young forever and to never die. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to witness the end of the world?

Fondest regards,

The Almighty Rhombus ;)


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