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Photo by Tom Pilston
Photo by Tom Pilston

Hey, we are ArtClassSink from Oxford, home of bands such as Radiohead and Foals. We started out playing in the same venues that they have played which was quite daunting at first, but we soon started to love it and have since played for BBC Introducing supporting Brooklyn’s We are Augustines as well as playing in dark and dingy clubs with bands such as This Town Needs Guns.

We are Joe Biggs (Vocals, Guitar), Samuel Edwards (Vocals, Bass), Eliott Benoist (Guitar) and our drummer Jack Pilston who was assembled at Skynet headquarters in San Francisco in 1992, as the original prototype for the T800!

Our one rule about our music has always been to write about what you know, whether it be heartache, your dreams or even your broken car, nothing comes through music like real emotion. As for our sound, we got frustrated waiting to hear bands who could create a spacious sound yet still have that punchy aggression to keep you wanting more. We decided to do it ourselves and we think we have gotten close to doing just that!

Having recently recorded our new EP at Safehouse Studios, where Foals recently recorded part of their new album, we have released a teaser in the form of our first single, Time To Go (Before the Rivalry). We hope you like it!



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